Meet Dr. Tom Nymberg

Have you ever asked yourself, "I feel like my doctor has a lot of personal information on me, but what do I know about them?"

To many, a dental office is one of the scariest and most vulnerable places to be. At the same time, a warm, attractive, and healthy smile is one of the greatest expressions of being human. My staff and I believe our purpose is to bridge the gap between fear of the dentist and the reward of having a wonderful smile. We listen carefully to our patients, come to understand their fears, wants, and needs, and with their input, we create a smile that they are proud of!

In addition, it seems the way healthcare is delivered today is more impersonal than ever. At our office, we take the time to cultivate very personal relationships. As a result, those that come here are far more than just patients, they are family. Technical skill and technology, when delivered with compassion and transparency, results in a genuine relationship rooted in trust. It is important to note that we do this not because it is “good business,” but because it is simply the right thing to do. 

This is also a good opportunity to express the deep gratitude for, and the profound trust and reliance I have on my co-workers. They treat each other and every one of our patients with a depth of sincerity and compassion that it is humbling. They are my role models and my best friends.

Education and Continuing Education

I received my Bachelor of Science from the University of Cincinnati in 1983. Afterward, I earned my dental degree from the Ohio State University in 1987. Although my diplomas were earned years ago, my education has never ceased. For example, I was trained in orthodontics in 1998 to provide our patients the unique option of getting their braces done in our office. Extensive training in the treatment of gum disease also allows us to do nearly all gum treatment in house. Investment and training in CAD/CAM crowns now allows us to do nearly all our crowns in a single appointment—no temporaries, no wait!   


I have been providing general dental services and orthodontics in the Mason/West Chester area since 1987. It’s hard for me to believe this time has passed so quickly! I believe one reason it has sped by is because of the special people who live nearby; they make coming to work every day an absolute blessing! The decency and warmth that I encounter with my patients (and staff) every day is both humbling and inspiring. It is genuinely a privilege to provide dental care to my community and a joy to make such wonderful friends each day.

Family and Community

I was born in Detroit, Michigan but grew up on the West side of Cincinnati. I have lived in Mason since 1989. My wife of many years is Victoria, and we have five children, Paul, John, Caroline, Yodeet, and Kaleb. I am a homebody at heart, so I find joy simply be being with my family. We especially treasure outdoor activities, including camping, boating, fishing, sports, and just tinkering in the yard. Oh, and we have two dogs, six cats (!), a ball python, and a bearded dragon. Quite the zoo in all!

My faith is central in my life. As such, I am involved in my church, Hands against Hunger, Big Brothers program, and the Children's Hospital International Adoption Center.



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