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The personal relationship you've always wanted from your healthcare provider, with the technology and results you've always expected.

Are you ready for a Dental Revolution?

Honestly, ask yourself, haven't you always wondered…

...Why does the healthcare/business world view themselves somehow separate from personal relationships? Shouldn't they be inseparable?

...When did “maximize profits,” “it's only business,” and “it's all about the bottom line” ever become accepted, almost admired, expressions in our world?

...Why are some businesses considered “charitable” while others are considered “innovative”? Why can't it be both? Shouldn't it be both?

...Have you ever felt like you were judged or treated differently—even by a look—based on your skin, religion, gender, orientation, “disability,” or income level? 

...Aren't you almost a little hurt when you are charged for every band aid or little piece of advice from you healthcare provider? Does everything have a price tag on it, including the relationship?

...Do you feel like your doctor has a lot of personal information about you, but you know very little about them?

At All Smiles Family Dental, we’re breaking the mold when it comes to the traditional doctor/patient experience. We don’t think it should be acceptable to wait hours for an appointment at our healthcare provider, without so much an explanation or apology. We think it’s strange that a doctor calls you by your first name, if he/she even knows it, but you have to call them “Doctor.” We think it’s unacceptable for dental offices to judge and shame you when you have a cavity or gum disease. That’s why we’ve decided to do things differently.

We strive for decency, compassion, and sharing as much as we do for expertise and profitability. Our workplace is a reflection of personal concern, compassion, and honesty, AS WELL AS one of expertise and innovation.

We don't try to be everything to everyone, but if any of these issues resonate with you like they do to us, then you may want to check us out.


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